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Ashley Graham shows off the sexy curve of striped bikini

Ashley Graham started 2019 with a sexy video of a black-and-white striped bikini. This oversized model shows her figure curve in two pieces and announces that she is about to introduce some new swimsuits.

“New Year, New Bikini,” Graham headed the video. She uses her mobile phone to capture the beauty of her swimsuit and make sure she shows off her amazing figure. Graham, who will host this season’s American beauty star, is not shy about showing off her body – this video is no exception!

striped bathing suit

Graham walks near a beach that looks very close to heaven. Bluewater and swaying palm trees provide a background Bluewaterazing model, who proudly displays her appearance and provides a close-up and personal view for social media users.

Graham has a series of swimsuits called “Swimwear Suits Everyone”. It is speculated that her new swimsuit and bikini will be released as part of this series.

To highlight curves – while sticking to interesting and fresh designs – swimsuits have found a way for everyone to create a fashionable look, women can be thrilled to wear them. To maintain Graham’s confidence in curves, each suit in the series reflects the hottest swimsuit trend of the season.

From neoprene with zippers to maillots with meshes and rivets, and even unique bikinis with more than 500 genuine Swarovski crystals, this series is absolutely boring, embracing the ubiquitous charming style and is suitable for bending women everywhere.


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