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The swimsuit model responded after the shaver criticized the cellulite: “Being beautiful is about being kind.”

Alila Nissa has learned to love her body, even if the haters on social media are trying to humiliate her.

Last week, the 21-year-old model from Sydney shared a series of positive posts. In response to the trolls, the trolls questioned her recent swimsuit snapshot.

“I hated my cellulite a few years ago,” Nissa wrote in a recent post, along with a photo of a bikini. “I am very uneasy about this, so I have made it a top priority for me to solve the problem that most societies regard ‘unhealthy and unattractive.’”

According to Nissa, the shaver accused her of being “unhealthy” or “lazy” because her cellulite led her to take extreme action and try to get rid of it.

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“In this time, I don’t eat the food I like, run around on the treadmill, only do aerobics in the gym. During this time, I have been very tired, the immune system is very poor, my psychology Health and self-worth have been low.”

But Nyssa said that after experiencing “hunger” and exhaustion, she did not see the results she wanted, and she finally came to a conclusion about her cellulite.

“The cellulite won’t make you look beautiful. It doesn’t mean your health, and it doesn’t stop you from loving yourself.

She added: “It is almost impossible to get a perfectly painted body and it doesn’t represent your beauty.”

Nyssa now says she is the healthiest and happiest person ever and encourages others to love themselves in future posts.


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