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Australia matteau swimwear manufacturer brand is making waves in the United States

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Queensland, Australia, locals Ilona Hamer and Peta Heinsen swimwear manufacturer in the label matteau sisters are big open skies, no strangers salty air, and beach. It’s their outdoor education with their half Croatia, half of the British heritage, pushing an elegant and low-key bikini to finish their needs.

In fact, they can’t find a simple suit, not too tight. “We want to create the perfect pair of jeans and T-shirts on the beach equivalent,” said the sisters’ ecstasy, worth traveling: Heinsen and how, now navigate the United States from celebrities supporters, including Laura Harrier and Rosie Huntington Whiteley, a little help, etc.

In the past three years, Hamer and Heinsen have been involved in the design of the ready to wear world, which is easy to cover up the layout. A boyish shirt and a long, specially designed dress are loose and elegant Net-a-Porter. The idea, for them, is a modern wardrobe that extends the beach. “We just want to create a nice travel wardrobe,” added: “the spring harvest Hamer, inspired by the work of Robert Mather Weir and John Chamberlain, Barbara Hepworth.

“This piece in your swimsuit or mixed C your line and Lemaire,” Heinsen said, he is going to take her to the new works of Mexico and Belize. This does not mean that the sisters want you to cover up. They want to help women feel good and baring (almost) clothes all seem to hit around the world ladies fear. “When customers told us that she didn’t wear bikini for five years, diving at Matteau didn’t feel good,” Heinsein said. “Well, this is magic.”


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