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Sports pictorial swimwear swimming and activity line are now available!

It may be February 1st, but it’s time to buy your favorite bikini!


When we are ready to celebrate the launch of the sports pictorial swimwear 2018, we are happy to announce that the sports pictorial swimsuit swimming and the activity line can now be online. The set, created with cooperative swimming, has 85 unique styles that cater for all shapes and sizes of women.

“We are very pleased to launch these debut, and think it’s an important step to launch SI swimsuit, because we continue to expand to new categories, and find meaningful ways to express their brand,” said MJ Day, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editor. “They have decades of experience in space and do a great job of creating the first line, with sexy and wearable style, for all the different types of women.”

Sports pictorial swimming and active line planning everyday women open the beaches of the beaches of the range of the design, and everything between them. The swimming series includes Italy fabrics, all kinds of texture and luxurious hardware details, and actively collect breathable fabrics, bold signs and bright neon lights.

“We put the consumer in the design of our center, and sports illustrated, we can put the women of all ages, the shape and size of the most popular trend, from the iconic SI swimsuit magazine page,” said Renee Borsack, vice president of marketing and digital Raj in swimming. “Sports pictorial swimming collection is affordable and reliable, they are provided in a variety of types. Now every woman can feel like a sports pictorial cover model! ”

So what are you waiting for? Now buy what you like most! The entire collection can be selected at shopsiswim.com in all parts of the country, such as Zappos, Pac Sun sales, and Boston city. The range from $40 to $160, full size, size, size, size, size and size of 20 active to XXL swimming and XS range.

And make sure that when the check comes back, the problem unfolds, and looks at the selected part of the SI swimwear selected from the line 2018!


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