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Behind the scenes with Brian Warren at Une Piece

CURVE model Bree Warren and luxury women’s swimwear brand Une Piece is a game in Queensland Paradise.

Carly Brown, the founder of Brisbane’s success story, is known for creating the original gender Rashie – this solar-powered one-piece swimming suits for ladies has become a worldwide feel and is known as the active advocate of these stars and the Sunshine Coast. Consistent. Facing the brand’s summer activities in 2019.
Brown said: “I am now a big fan of Bree.”

“We actually wanted to shoot her for the 2018 campaign, but she lived in New York, and the timing was not good, so we are very happy to hear that she moved back to Australia this year and has the opportunity to work with her.”
The event, shot at the luxurious Bisque House in Byron Bay, showcases the exquisite new Côted’Azur collection, which was launched today and draws inspiration from the beaches of the French Riviera.
Warren told The Courier-Mail that she was happy to work with one Piece.

“This is the only brand that is now bringing back the sun safety classics in a truly modern way,” she said.

“I can’t wait to wear new surf clothing.”
Her strong stance on physical enthusiasm and her pursuit of physical diversity in the fashion world is a major part of her appeal to swimwear brands.


“She is a beautiful, confident, capable woman in many ways,” Brown said.
Warren told The Courier-Mail that she believes the industry is in the “critical moment” of change and that she has more work to do.

“We are balancing the playing field and it’s cool to participate,” she said.

“There are still some industries in Australia that have not yet been cracked, such as beauty and large department stores.

“I think this is the next step I hope.”


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