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Joyce Azria expands her Avec les Filles collection with a swimwear

Designer Joyce Azria’s modern lifestyle brand Avec les Filles is swimming. After launching jackets, footwear and jewellery last year, the Los Angeles-based company announced earlier this year that it is spinning out swimwear and beach accessories.

The product line is expected to drop on aveclesfilles.com in December and will be available at Diane’s Beachwear in Santa Monica and Manhattan Beach.

“Swimwear, as a category, really fits our DNA,” Azria said. “It touches on many of the notes made by Avec les Filles. We are notorious for the Parisian style and the ease of California.”

Avec les Filles’ swimwear collection includes a variety of one-piece and two-piece swimming suits for ladies including tassels, flowers, ruffles and stripes.

“This is an optimistic French Riviera aesthetic, but it has the feeling of Cali,” Azria said, with retail prices ranging from $50 to $100, including cover, towels and beach accessories.

In addition to focusing on the function of each piece, Azria also said that Avec les Filles’ swimwear is designed to adapt to different body types.

“We want to diversify the silhouette,” she said. “We want to create products that truly match our customer base, not just what we think we design, but the products that ultimately buy our clothing.” With this in mind, Avec les Filles offers more than most brands. The single item, she said, “Humble is not only a trend, but also a real life choice for people.”

Azria says she and her team are always designed to be practical. “We don’t see things from seasonal lenses,” she said. “Because we believe that the clothes in the closet exist year after year.”

She added that she always considers answers to several questions when designing. “Is there no season? Is this a piece of forever?” she said. “Even if it’s a real fashion note, it really covers the atmosphere of the season, it’s still timeless. We’re trying to find the winning outlines that can stand the test of time and win the fabrication, because at the end of the day, [reality] we There is something in the closet. And we wear them year after year, even though fashion has called it “eight weeks later.” ”
Azria also pointed out that a reasonably priced line of products is based on today’s savvy millennium. “Just because you want to reduce spending on suits, that doesn’t mean you have less money,” she said. “Customers want value. Sometimes, she finds a swimsuit worth more than $18 in a Chanel bag, worth $3,000, but at $18, the quality is poor, and vice versa. So, the $18 price is cheap. ”

This is the fashion class that Azria learned from the 1989 founder of the fashion empire BCBG’s father, Max Azria. “My father often told me, ‘Cheap can be very expensive, and expensive can be very cheap,’” she said. “It only depends on what you attribute the value to.”

When she shops herself, she will also consider his advice. “I hope I can buy something at Isabel Marant for $20,” she said. “But I can’t. I don’t think it’s fair. Not everyone can play.”


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