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Chantelle’s new season swimwear is in the summer


Because of its curvilinear embrace and the design of women’s underwear, Chantelles’s beaches and tours reflect the brand’s signature aesthetics from 2012. Better, the expansion of brand products in old lord, Chantelle Beach Collection in Dubai city of Paris boutique is now available, plus Emirates and Yas Mall department stores.

Using this brand of underwear is suitable for professional support and comfort, and the avant-garde swimwear series put these intuitive shapes of sand. A Bikinis nightclub, long robe and cover up all the reclining chairs, including the core and seasonal release, the sun completely covered up and down, is doomed to follow us from the sea to the sun with the classic Chantelle rotation.

Encourage women’s mashup swimsuits to fit their own body curves. The shape of various swimming tops can be from Taylor 2018 spring / summer, from the fashionable hair band, to support the memory foam cup underwear. And the holiday destination inspired printing – that Bali, Ibiza and Tulum – have aroused our attention. This is the brand’s stand out. Tan emphasizes the separation of colors, including the classic black, the hot red, and the bold pink, which will be the backbone of our summer clothes.

Your beach looks ordered. What’s left to do is to answer the most difficult decision in summer. Maldives or Seychelles?


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