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Hansen showed her in the Bela Gio Hyde swimsuit, from the model of Joanna Krupa’s help


If someone knows what a woman wants for a swimsuit, it’s the Norway model designer Monica Hansen. Since she started modeling 1997, Hansen boarded the ELLE cover, the gentleman and the adage, and so on. Now, she’s the boss, the famous designer behind her, the Monica Hansen swimsuit.

Standing at 5 feet and 11, the industry is a clear call, but the desire to become a boss is always in her mind. “I’m really shy, believe it or not,” Hansen admitted on the phone, with every occasional Norway accent. “It’s a natural change for me, because it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.”

2013. The birth of the Monica Hansen swimsuit in the envisioned year of his own sketchboard. Just a month ago, Hansen packed up his clothes and moved her life and her same name from Losangeles to Las Vegas. Serious impact on bold sexy long legs, waist cuts in 80s and 90s, her design is likely to be worse than the hot desert sun better runway.

In April 3rd, Hansen collected the 2018 months of Miami fashion week for friends and supermodel Joanna Krupa for Vegas swimsuit party Bela Gio Hyde and Hansen. It doesn’t make sense to join her many years friend, Hansen, at Vegas, Krupa said.

A former actor, a real Miami housewife and dancing with the stars, Krupa Hansen said, “in business,” my cheerleader Krupa started his modeling career. Although two people have known each other for many years, Hyde’s party will be the first time that two models have held any party in the city of sin. “The most interesting part is that you can relax and have fun,” Krupa said, Vegas. “You don’t have to worry about getting up in the second morning to go to work.” You have a good time there. ”

Swimsuit connoisseur Krupa admitted that he had more than 1000 gift suite events. He had to attend the first 50 attendees’ gift bags, including Bellini Tan and discount products from Monica Hansen swimsuit. 2017 sets will be on display, so that guests can get a cut of the feeling, buildings and fabrics, including black and gold from the French Saint Tropez stunner, which was in a string bikinis, moving parts or in a sexy.

Everything is handmade in Italy. We need to pay special attention to details, customize each color, test it in dip dye, purchase fabrics, test patterns and cut. “It’s a big problem to get the right health,” Hansen said. She spent most of the night calling and answering e-mails and communicating with manufacturers in Europe (they were nine hours earlier than us in Vegas). But the long days are worth the price.

“This is what you get or you don’t know,” Hansen said, who really spent her entire career preparing for this very moment. Her inside knowledge of industry will only help her smart swimsuit. “Since I started modeling, I’ve been trying to design,” Hansen said. “This is the most important issue I have now.”


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