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Choosing The Ideal Bodysuit For A Curvy-Licious Body

wholesale womens clothingWhen talking about bodysuits, there’s this one problem that women seem to encounter quite often: they’re second-skin. And we don’t mean that in a good way. Second-skin as in they’re twice heavier than expected. Nobody wants that under their garments! Here, then, are tips on how to choose your perfect bodysuit, along with other curvy-licious items you’ll want in your closet!

Know And Love Thyself

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You’d think one would know about her body the most when in fact, one may be unaware of her body type and shape. Not to worry. We’re together in this. Now that you know this is step one, look in the mirror, say hi to gorgeous you, and keep track of the kind of body shape you have.

In doing so, you’ll have a better idea of the type of bodysuit that’s almost like a Feelingirl swimwear, you’ll want to have them on day and night!

Let It Breathe

shapewear bodysuits

Breathability is an essential factor in selecting a bodysuit or shapewear, along with wholesale lingerieFeelingirl swimwear, and other similar clothing items. Note that you’ll be wearing clothes on top of them. That’s double the amount of material covering your body. Hence, select cuts and fabric that will allow air to circulate in them and not trap sweat or moisture.

The Body-Part Star Of The Showbest body shaper

What do you want to add vava-voom to on your body? Your waist? Your hips? Your buttocks? What about your breasts? Whichever one you decide on, if not all, there are specific makes of bodysuits that are meant to accentuate certain body parts. You’ve already made the choice of using shapewear. Might as well go through and through with it for its sexy benefits!

The C Word Is Comfortbest shapewear bodysuit

You’ve been wanting to wear that maxi dress from Feelingirldress for so long. Even that cheap mini dress, that bandage body wrap, and many more. But you just can’t seem to get comfortable in them what with you donning a bodysuit underneath. That’s why it’s important to have shapewear that you’re actually comfortable in.


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