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CHROMAT’s new swimwear collection is for those who like to wear a swimsuit

CHROMAT’s new swimwear collection is for those who like to wear a womens high waisted bikini
For those of us who have a close relationship with swimwear, this huge T-shirt is a precious summer must-have, a cover on the beach or by the pool – all of which can rest or even swim.

Chromat’s new swimwear collection debuted at New York Fashion Week last Friday (September 7th) to celebrate this blessed T-shirt. The series called “Saturation” is inspired by wet T-shirts. It’s not the kind in the wet t-shirt competition at the beach bar, but because you don’t have the mood to strip most of the nude and do small ass.

“We want to start the experience of hiding under a giant T-shirt at the pool party,” wrote the description of the series, “and made it a proudly dressed outfit.”

The series is 3X in size and larger in size, including a range of scuba style swimwear and separation, cover and sun hats, designed in collaboration with the hatmaker Eugenia Kim. Of course, there are T-shirts.
The collection is the brainchild of designer and former architect Becca McCharen-Tran, the founder of the swimming and sportswear brand. McCharen-Tran works at the intersection of technology and fashion, and is known for using 3D printed clothing technology and creating anamorphic bras, all of which are tailored for a variety of different bodies.
The same innovation is reflected in McCharen-Tran’s runway: In addition to design, Chromat is also the most inclusive show of Fashion Week. This latest series – like all the labels on the show – is one of the most diverse actors of the week. According to female giant Mobilegirl DJ, these models include sex educators and breast cancer survivors Ericka Hart; bloggers and amputees MamaCãx; and trans model Maya Mones.


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