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“I just want to be bigger and better”: How swimwear entrepreneurs build a six-figure bikini empire and then set up a successful travel agency – all before her 26th birthday

25-year-old Jess Williamson launched her own swimwear brand Ete in February 2016
Just a week later, she was close to show at New York Fashion Week.
Ete has developed a fanatical follower around the world due to its savvy social media strategy
The brand is now worth six figures and is favored by well-known influencers.
Ms. Williamson has since created the first “Impact Travel Agency” in Australia.
Although many designers have spent years trying to gain recognition from the fashion world, a young Australian entrepreneur took the road to success in a week after launching his first appearance in the ladies swimming costume collection in February 2016.
Then at the age of 22, Jess Williamson from Perth, Western Australia, was invited to showcase her work at New York Fashion Week, just her startup Ete Swimwear.
Since then, Ete has grown and now has a six-figure profit, and Ms. Williamson has also launched Australia’s first “Impact Travel Agency”.
When talking about Whimn, Ms. Williamson shared her secrets about the success of the tailoring of the era, and discussed her recent commercial ventures and the need to build one (or two) empire in her early twenties.
Despite completing a degree in digital media, Perth natives dream of having their own collections from an early age.
Like many modern businesses, Ms. Williamson believes that Instagram is her best friend and has chosen to launch many of her designs through social media.
A savvy marketing strategist used her background in digital media to create an online profile for Ete, which now has 70,000 fanatic followers.
Ms. Williamson has also established a profitable partnership with well-known international influence companies such as Sweden’s Matilda Djerf, which has partnered with Ete to launch a sales line.
“Our social media and influencer strategy is really helping me get six-digit milestones so early,” she told Whimn.
Behind Ete’s success, Ms. Williamson recently established Australia’s first “Influenced Travel Agency” called Somewear Elsewhere, a content creation company that matches the well-known influence of well-known brands, destinations and resorts.
She said that this provides a unique opportunity for brands seeking content in popular locations around the world without the need to take photos overseas.
Ms. Williamson described her as a quick way to succeed in “dreams come true”, acknowledging that she found entrepreneurship “very addictive”.
Since joining Ete at the age of 22, there have been many climaxes and troughs, but this is a very rewarding experience and I encourage anyone who wants to do business at any age to take risks.
Although her purpose was to increase Ete’s name, the bubble designer told FEMAIL that she never thought it would be its success.
“I came up with this idea in June 2015, then launched it in February 2016 and took off from there very quickly,” she said.
‘[When] I was contacted by the Boy Scouts of New York Fashion Week, I don’t know what to think – I thought this might be a joke!
“I just want to be bigger and better – I am a very impatient person, and I always hope that it will happen soon, but I think I really like this trip and celebrate my success.”
But no matter what her professional achievements, Ms. Williamson said there is no doubt who her biggest fan is – her parents.
“They are great… I wouldn’t be able to do without them,” she said.
As part of a recent charity partnership with the McGrath Foundation, Ete Swimwear will donate 10% of all pink bikinis sold to breast cancer support.


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