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Do Dress with Confidence: Embracing the Visible Belly Outline

Are you conscious about your belly pooch showing when you dress up? A visible belly outline is sometimes referred to as VBO. It is when the tummy creates an outline or a shadow. This can happen to anyone regardless of her size. Everyone should love the way their body looks and how they feel in their clothing, whether she has a visible belly line or not.

Hiding The Belly Line or Letting It Show

It is your choice whether to show off your VBO or to hide it. You are in control of your body and you should wear whatever makes you feel confident. If you do not mind having a visible belly outline in your clothes, then go for it. If you choose to wear an undergarment such as a tummy shaper that can help you feel more confident, well, why not?

Shapewear is rising in popularity these days. Whether you choose to shape or smooth your visible belly outline, you will be glad to know that you are not alone. Many different types of shapewear can help you feel supported and in control whenever you want.

Find the Right Shapewear Style

When it comes to tummy control shapewear, there is a wide array of styles and designs to choose from. There are full bodysuits, shaping panties, control shorts, shaper dress, sculpting camisoles, and more. The right shapewear style will largely depend on the outfit that you are going to wear it with, as well as the specific area you want to smooth down. To see what works for you, it is best to try several different types of body shapers under a variety of dresses and outfits.

For those who are new in the shapewear world, a great piece to begin with is a simple high-waisted brief that is super easy to put on under a form-fitting top or dress. Waist cinchers or trainers that wrap around the midsection are another great choice if you want to focus on smoothing down and flattening the belly area.

If you want foundation wear that offers more, then sustainable shapewear such as a full-bodysuit or high-waisted shorts are an ideal choice. These shaping garments will be able to hold everything in, offer lifting benefits where you want, and an overall smooth foundation underneath an outfit. The shapewear will be able to soften the visible belly outline so you can feel confident rocking your outfits.

Pick A Compression Level That You Feel Comfortable With

Once you have narrowed down on the right shapewear style, you would need to consider the compression level. This depends on the outfit and also how much you want to shape and control your silhouette. Always remember that the body shapers for women should help you to feel sexy and confident.

Shapewear is available in different compression levels such as light, mid, and firm compression. If you are new to shapewear, then choose light compression shapewear that offers a breathable and comfortable ability to smooth down the VBO if needed.

Dressing With Confidence

Every woman has the power to choose what makes her confident throughout your day. There may be days where she wants to embrace that visible belly outline and other times, she may want to smooth it down. The right shapewear can give the flexibility and control she wants for the optimum confidence boost. 


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