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Eco swimwear brands are recognized

Finch designed to use recycled fiber in its product Repreve China swimwear brand, is the new recipient of the project only approved seal. Finch’s design is the first Chinese brand to win this award, based on the company’s commitment to transparency and the creation of a sustainable supply chain. Finch designed is a brand with only three brands approved in winning swimwear categories, from more than 115 nominations.

An important player in Finch’s design supply chain is the unified manufacturing company Repreve fiber production, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Repreve can be traced and certified through a unified, proprietary, trusted verification program, and one purpose is to provide customers with increased Repreve transparency levels with integrated authentication procedures. As part of the US trust program, fiberprint technology is unified, a unique tool that allows third parties to analyze fiberprint signature fabrics and unify them to demonstrate the level of Repreve content.

Only project approval is based on environmental and social practices for the brand. In addition, the project considers only availability, accessibility (size and price), quality and aesthetics.

“Finch”, consistent with the slow fashion movement, repeats 85% of its prints and fashions year after year to encourage eternal, responsible purchases. We design our signature photos in-house, and work is just manufacturing partners to share our core values, responsible for social and environmental production, “says Itee Soni, founder of Finch.

Since the launch of Repreve fiber from 2013 swimsuit, Finch has quickly established the name of the most luxurious partnership with some travel, including six senses, W Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton, Bai Yue and the naked ecological tourist destination.

“When we start, we’re looking for a supplier that understands the task of providing a transparent supply chain for our customers,” says Heather Kaye, founder of Finch. “We find our commitment in collaboration with unity; and through the use of Repreve, they can help us create a good environment and quality products for our consumers.”

The regeneration of Repreve swimming trunks men and boys in women and girls category, Finch is essentially a one-stop shop for ecological swimwear. In addition to being environmentally friendly and stylish, the Finch swimwear is also high performing, providing a minimum of 50 sunscreen UPF levels for each item.

“We are proud to support Finch, and the project they received was just a well deserved honor,” said Jay Hertwig, vice president of global brand premium value, to join PVA. “Sparrow” for the entire family, stylish swimwear, functional and environmentally friendly.”

Finch design and ecological awareness of the global traveler’s mind launched in June 2010. Founder ITEE, SONY and Heather Kaye add up to 25 years of clothing design and manufacturing experience, and established the core printing design and sustainability of Finch in their DNA.

Finch offers timeless, sustainable, luxury swimwear manufacturer China, signature prints, holiday dresses and accessories. Finch’s swimsuit for women, men and children, is made exclusively from REPREVE yarns. Finch fabric provides natural UPF 50 + UVA and UVB sunscreen, without adding chemicals. Finch’s signature photo is a repeat of the season, easy brand recognition and nod after the slow fashion season.


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