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Interfiliere Shanghai to focus on textile printing

Interfiliere Shanghai’s leading trade show in lingerie, sand suits, swimwear fabrics will focus on textile printing and dyeing. Interfiliere in collaboration with the Federation de la et de la underwear will highlight the technology and print professional lingerie, swimwear and sportswear. The two day event will begin in October 10, 2017.

The program will witness participation in the fabric, accessories, lace, OEM/ODM, embroidery, mechanical and textile design fields, in analyzing consumer expectations and forecasts, changing market innovations and performance driven.

Shanghai is the global bodyfashion rendezvous between China’s Interfiliere, the major textile producing countries and other parts of the world. The International Festival will focus on trends in lingerie, swimwear, sports / athleisure.

Trade activities will show a trend of 2019 spring / summer, showing the choice of innovation, fabrics, samples, accessories and colors to reflect the trend of the concept of planning Paris.

The Shanghai Interfiliere thirteenth edition, with the Paris partnership concept, will demonstrate the life prototype, inspire visitors and promote new industry specifications with the original combination of fabrics and special technologies.

The event will also host seminars and conferences. The exhibition will become an accelerator for online business opportunities, which will expand and strengthen the network with the industry.

The fourth edition of the interfeel awards, the selection of global underwear professional recognition, sportswear industry and swimwear manufacturer China, will reward Interfiliere Shanghai exhibition know-how and collection.

Six special interfeel awards will be given to exhibitors from various industries, including lace, embroidery, accessories, sustainability, shapeletic and engeniring Technology (bonding, molding).


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