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Emily Ratajkowski photographs her own swimwear collection behind the lens, featuring Lena Dunham

The 27-year-old model, Emily Ratajkowski, released a photo of the behind-the-scenes Playboy, showing her all in one swimsuit womens series Inamorataswim. Ratajkowski is called her 19.4 million fans @emrata on Instagram, not just a pretty face. The title details her role as the artistic director and photographer of the swimwear company launched in 2017. All her business, wearing a white top and a high-waisted jeans, because she ran around on the beach (just look at her Instagram) and the iconic secret wedding (Vanity Fair) to handle her business. The businesswoman looks calm because she has raised a lot of cameras to take pictures.

The picture features Lena Dunham, Ratajkowksi tagged the photo, wearing a leopard-print high-rise piece and a large sunhat. The physical active activist Dunham put out his tongue in a playful way when Rataykovsky plundered. Dunham also showed some tattoos in his swimsuit, which only shows the atmosphere of the photo. Ratajkowski commented on the process in the title, saying that she is working with a group of “unbelievable women” and that the whole thing is “very interesting.” Ratajkowski’s love of women’s work is not as amazing as an actress. She showed her biological “feminist” in her other professions.
The location of the location is not yet known, as Ratajkowski does not use Instagram’s geo-tagging tools to mark it, but indoor photography is accompanied by a background that reminds of the 1970s and mood lighting. Ratajkowski does tag the in-photo tag feature to mark the bar in New York City’s Primo’s, so people can think of it as a place to shoot.
Ratajkowski also marked more people she worked with, including model Alessandra Garcia Lorido, stylist Emma Jade Morrison and model Coco Baudelle.

If you dig deeper, you can find the images you have taken on your swimsuit’s Instagram account. Obviously, Ratajkowski has the ability to support her status as a photographer and art director because she received more than 600 favorite images in the first hour of the release. The title tag is Ratajkowski as a photographer. One of the photographs taken was posted to announce one of the leopard prints (the exact one worn by Dunham). In this photo, Dunham crouched down and arched her back while giving the camera a sultry look. Her orange hoop earrings are definitely a trend as the colors of the 1970s are recovering.
Ratajkowski released more posts shortly after posting another photo of her swimsuit series. In the title, she proudly claims art direction and photography credits.


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