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J.Lo Just Just A swimsuit photos and her ass look incredible

Jennifer Lopez once again returned with an incredible ladies swimming costume photo. She recently posted a self-portrait of her own 49th (49th!) birthday on Instagram, and now she is sharing a bad photo of her signature ass.

In the new lens, J.Lo appears in a thin, one-piece pose, and her a-mazing butt is clearly on display. “Everything is just superb,” the 49-year-old wrote in the title. “Knot your ordinary peach. Peach blossom yourself. Practice your peach.” (If you don’t know, peach emoji is usually used to refer to someone’s ass, so…)
And the fans are completely scared. “What do you think of this?” wrote one person. “Really, stop,” said the other.

J.Lo is super open to the fact that she works hard for her body. She told the American Weekly in 2015 that she “rarely skipped the exercise”.
“Sometimes, I worked too late the day before, I like it very much, ‘Hey, I can’t do this.’ But I told myself, “Just do it. It’s only an hour,” she said. “It’s just talking about being a lazy tramp. ”
J.Lo works with trainer Tracy Anderson (who has experienced her own incredible body deformation) and his approach focuses on exercising smaller muscle groups by performing small movements for a large number of delegates.

She and Anderson exercise four or five times a week. “I and I did the warm-up of the upper body,” Anderson told people. “We made two songs without weight, then we added three pounds of weight, and sometimes I added a song that weighed five pounds.”

According to reports, she also sweated with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez at TruFusion, a gym that offers a 103-degree temporary workout.

Obviously, this is useful to her!


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