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Entrepreneur: After a little help with the Queen of Jobs, the children’s swimsuit label Sunuva’s foreground sunny

Most of us are amazed by the fact that if we are just just a holiday friend next to a sunlounger spread on Facebook friends. But for Emily Cohen and Sabrina Naga, their children set up an opportunity next to the pool, which led to their children’s swimwear business Sunuva, six years passed, he was Prince George Bringing the annual turnover of 300 million pounds.

Cohen began to say that she had a two-year-old son chatting with a random child of the Israeli pool. So they are together in the nursery – Sabrina and I are at work, “get out and run” the parents, so we do not know any other mom, but our children know each other and introduce us.

The man started talking about children swimsuit. “My son wore a really cunning naval leather vest, in front of an annoying Mickey Mouse.” Cohen explained: “I see my children in public face this grim thing and start with Sabrina conversation.

“This is the beginning of this idea.As a result of the lack of fashion swimsuit to the children, we quickly depressed each other, and Sunuva’s concept was born – the year’s gorgeous UV swimsuit and beachwear.

Two women have entrepreneurial experience: At the beginning of her public relations manager Lynn Franks after the career, Cohen is now 46 years old, is the British cosmetics brand Pout behind one of the entrepreneurs, grow 80-year-old employees, the price £ 7 for five years for millions of turnover. Prior to the global financial crisis, Pout eventually sold to the owner of the Victoria Secret Underwear chain for $ 24 million (£ 19 million). Cohen spent a year before starting to use Sunuva as Sir Philip Green, serving as advisor to Topshop’s new cosmetics line.

At the same time, now 45-year-old Naggar in the design of Whistles, Fenwick and Selfridges before the sale of jewelry, and PricewaterhouseCoopers has served as an accountant. She made her four children in four years.

The two women have not done fashion, but Cohen said the design and manufacture of a manufacturer “is not rocket science – we have studied the market and brand of SPF (sunscreen factor) swimwear.” The hardest thing is to find a ready to work with us Factories, one nobody. “Their first factory – in Tunisia and Delhi, today still produce Sunuva’s products.

But not as simple as a sailboat decorated with their boy’s pants. Sunuva’s first stock arrives in June, “when there is no shop to buy swimsuit or card lady – it’s all selling.” Two of the friends made a private sale in her house. “If 20 people are wavering, then we are thinking that if there are 20 people upset, we will sell £ 10,000 worth of clothes in two hours,” Cohen said.

“Another good luck is that someone came to Harold’s children and they ordered the game. Harrods is still our biggest account in the UK – last summer, Sunuva is its best-selling children’s brand.”

Now, Selford, Finnick and Harvey Nichols and independent stores also exist in this range, but this year’s network sales will account for half.

At first, cash was tight. “For the first two years, Sabrina and I have funded the business.” But when it started taking off, we realized that we needed money to develop and develop. We raised £ 1 million from seven private angel investors, including former Pout shareholders. ”

Their Maida Vale office (“we all live within a mile, which is vital because we have six children and many schools run”), they now employ 17 staff, these are internally designed.

More foreign expansion plans are underway: Last year, Sunuva was launched in Italy’s Gruppo Coin and Spain’s El CorteInglés high-end European department store. When Prince George was wearing a £ 28 Sunuva T-shirt and shorts on his third birthday photo, their international caches were greatly driven.

“I did not know if I had a holiday in Spain,” said Cohen. “I was in my breakfast, and someone said, ‘This is the Monique from the [American] character magazine. How did you feel about the prince of George?

“I do not know what she is saying, and then realize that Prince George is head and toe on both Sunuve and all the front pages, and in two days we have sold the blue and white stripes of this swamp T-shirt, there are 750 reservations.

“You can not ask or want to get better PR, for a small British brand, it greatly enhances our personal information. Kate such a style icon, there may be 600 pairs of shorts and T-shirts to choose from, which is Very complacent.”


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