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Industry Talent Added to Tori Praver Swim

Tori Praver Swimwear has added some industry talent to the new licensing agreement to help it reach a new level.

The swimming brand, which was previously sold at stores such as Diane’s, Molly Brown’s, Neiman Marcus and Urban Outfitters, was an independent company founded by the Tori Praver model.

Under the new arrangement, the company has signed a licensing agreement with the Curgent Group, which is a partnership between black and private.

Industry veterans Stever and Summer Rapp have black, Summer will serve as creative director of Tori Praver. A private company is a swimwear manufacturer with a large number of private brands in terms of procurement and manufacturing expertise.

Industry veteran Angi Hart has held key positions in L * Space and Billabong and is vice president of sales for Curynt Group.

Tori Praver will continue to serve as a label brand ambassador and will work with the Curgent Group to design and marketing activities.

The brand will be in July in Huntington Beach swimming group and Miami’s Cabana show debut modified resort.

“Our team will re-brand, design innovation and new purchasing strategies to invest a lot of effort to improve the quality of the product to achieve the maximum consistency and suitability of each garment.” “To cause brand awareness , We will focus and emphasize through our social media channels, e-commerce and targeted marketing, and we look forward to bringing this high-end product to market and strengthening our relationship with retail partners. ”

Add-black will also continue to be designed for other swimmers.


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