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Fashionable Leather Women Shoes for Fall

As the arrival of autumn, the weather is getting colder, I have to mention a must-have item for early autumn: leather shoes. Perhaps you have always had a question about, how to match autumn leather shoes? After reading this article, it may give you some inspiration.

Leather shoes are not only warm but also versatile, so they are popular with many girls. Although shoes may not be the most important in the overall styling, they are also an essential part of the outlook. If it’s well-matched, they will make the overall styling feel to a higher level. If they are matched incorrectly, they might even reduce the visual effects. In that case, we should pay more attention to the matching of our shoes when we wear them.

Look 1, Zippered leather shoes

Zippered leather shoes are similar to boots. Zippered leather shoes have also been welcomed by many celebrities and influencers in recent years. Zipper-style leather shoes are more personalized. If your dressing style is more individual or unisex, there must be no wrong with choosing zipper-style leather shoes. The design of the zippered leather shoes now installs some unique considerations, such as the use of different materials for splicing design, which can avoid the problem of shoe clash.

If your style is more personalized, then I suggest you wear zipper shoes with a pair of leggings. We can match a basic T-shirt on the upper body, and the overall match will be very stylish.

Girls with a more girlish style can wear a white dress with zipper leather shoes. The overall look will be very suitable for work or streetwear. The solid color dress with a pair of zippered leather shoes reduce the overall look and add a sense of formality, so you can wear it whether you are going out on the street or working.

If you like slacks like wide-leg pants, we can also match leather shoes with zippers. The overall look of the upper body we match with a basic T-shirt is also very fashionable and trendy. If you feel that the overall shape is not bright, then we can choose a small sling for the upper body to give you a little sexy feel to the overall shape.

Look 2, Platform Martin boots

When it comes to leather shoes, how can you forget the fashion trend item Martin boots? Martin boots have been loved by many girls when they first became popular a few years ago. There are more and more styles of Martin boots, so when we choose Martin boots, we must pay attention to choosing the right Martin boots according to our foot type and our own wear. Thick-soled Martin boots are widely recommended. Both short girls and tall girls can handle them very well.


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