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Four Sustainable Swimwear Labels From 2019

With the uprise of slow vogue, sustainability is at the forefront of the industry – and a swimsuit is no exception. Here are Four 2019 labels leading the way.

One piece swimsuit

one piece bathing suit

Sustainability is about more than decreasing waste and choosing environmentally awareness fabrics.

One piece swimwear is timeless on simplicity that will take you from one summer to the next.


women patchwork tankini

Tankini in inclusivity for all, and as the conventional size boundaries of women begin to blur in the fashion industry and society.

The tankini is popular that can be worn by anyone, regardless of their figures.


striped bikini front knot

Wearing swimwear is the most naked you are around strangers, bikini design can give your support and show your confidence.

Dress it up and show your sexy curve on the beach, pool, swimming party.

Beach Dress

halter neck beach dress

Keep the sun at bay while still looking stylish and having fun at the beach or pool.

Beach dress will give you just the right amount of coverage while still offering charming and stylish.


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