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Kendall Rae Knight of Love Island showed off her tanned body as she shared a hot snapshot with the luxury of Mexico.

After a busy 2018, she spent a luxury vacation in Mexico.

On weekends, Kendall Rae Knight shared more lively social media photos with her sister enjoying the break.

Love Island’s beauty shows her bikini wardrobe and her incredible figure in a luxury resort.

A snapshot shared on Monday saw a 26-year-old model immersed in a pool in a chic black two-piece suit, highlighting her tanning curve.

She had a cold drink in her hand, her black lock slipped from her face, and Kendall looked at the happiness of relaxation, because she told her followers that she was a “mermaid model.”

In another short film released on the weekend, the reality show showed her storm in a white bikini with a tube top on another thin two-piece suit.

two pieces bathing suit

With her deep tan show, Kendall has crafted her lock into a beautiful look that adds a touch of gorgeous makeup to Instagram.

Later that day, she changed a gold one-piece and shiny mirror tones and changed into a swimsuit.

Kendall gave her fans a treat as she shared the front and back views of her gorgeous swimwear, revealing the slim thong-style back of the outfit.

After she posted the update for a few days, the model joked in the title: “Thinking of subtitles will let the children go out…”

Love Island’s 2018 star Kendall returned to our screen last month when she reunited with a group of her co-stars for TV reunion.

After enjoying an unlikely flirtation and being closely related to Eyal Booker on the show, she is the topic of social media.

This black-haired beauty is the first star of summer Madrid Adam Collard who was chased by Rosie Williams when she was eliminated by Villa Mallorca.

Kendall and former island champion Kem Cetinay hit it on After Sun, they were found sharing a kiss, but flirting did not materialize.


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