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Hanalei reponty from swimsuit model swimsuit designer

The model says a sustainable private label swimwear manufacturers swimsuit is set up.

“When I was fifteen years old, when I was on the Internet, I always started surfing my things Ripcurl… Make it look lovely. I always thought in my mind, I just love a diving suit, the girl’s love of the sea, but still want to look sexy, confident, “Tahiti born model Hanalei reponty told me over the phone. “So, it’s all in a different age, and travel and ideas really come to a climax.” But in 2014, I really started looking for suppliers and manufacturers and everything, and then I created the label. ” Reponty, the tag in front of her is Abysse’s spring / summer 18 collection and launch. For example, Internet and model entrepreneurs, who have 153000 followers in Instagram, explain her design from the model and why she chose a sustainable business mode.

This label has an ecologically conscious mantra. In what way do you put it into action?

“I think I am a surfer, you have such a strong connection to the ocean and nature, so it is always close to my heart.” There is a sustainable label that I really feel strong. Through a lot of research, I find really amazing material. [line] limestone based diving suit, neoprene, or all Bikinis nightclubs are recycled nets.

I think sustainability is a big problem. I think people want to buy a more expensive dress, but in the long run, they will continue. And obviously, buying that dress will help the planet. So I think it’s a great element for us. ”

What’s your favorite environmental sign?

“Reform. They are really great. The really good regenerated jackets in Patagonia are also great. I don’t want to wear fur unless it’s absolutely old-fashioned. I think it’s true to find the right balance. I really love it, Aesop. I love their skin care products, I use their mask, moisturizing. I like their deodorants and grind ointment, and I can almost buy everything. It was great for me to go there. ”

Do you have a fitness habit besides surfing?

“Yes, I love Pilates. It’s great, especially because it’s hard to have a consistent daily exercise. I think, Pilates, all you need is a cushion and your own body, so it’s really interesting to explore, your core is very good, and your balance. I’ve been practicing yoga recently, and after a long day, stretching feels great. It’s just a good time to put time in your body.

I’m really grounded right now. I think it’s called grounding. I like to walk around barefoot… It’s just taking time to connect to the earth and take a moment. Connect yourself to the earth. I think this is a good thing, just listen to your physical needs, you must really drink a lot of water, sleep well, I think this is very simple, but it really takes a long way to your daily life.


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