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The target’s unmodified custom swimwear exercise makes you have some body-positive fun in the sun

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Usually called the “form standard” and “exclusion” attitude, the devil wearing Prada seems to tame, the latest fashion in the fashion custom swimwear manufacturers industry, and the picture of a distorted model and undecorated time. Through active sports marketing activities, the body NYFW represents a more representative world of different body types, races, and ordinary people. In the vein, the target has been published in the annual custom swimwear, and second years of different female characteristics are completely unadorned, like the United Nations.

Throughout the year, the target will launch more than 1700 swimsuit options (Holy bikini) in a series of $15 to $50. The company said in a press release, the sport does not involve any physical remodeling or change, “celebration of women, encourage them to embrace their own physical beauty, this movement is a follow-up to last summer, the purpose is to encourage women to live confidently,” according to their own wishes to live”.

The movement is characterized by a model of different races, shapes and sizes. Their smiles and suits are positive and central in front of all parts of the crowd, lumps, lumps, pregnancy lines, and other common “defects”.

“We wanted to represent swim in a way that s true to life”, and traditional retouching just didn t jibe with that “idea.” we decided to show the female body, rather than to restore their curve or eliminate stretch marks, “the company installed 2017 movements in the front of the body Yong said in a news release. It sounds like the goal is to stick to its information.

Although it’s a bit too cool in the swimming pool now, it’s refreshing to see a more accurate body representative.


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