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How to Be Beautiful and Healthy This 2022

Beauty is a subjective concept whereas health tends to be more objective. Feeling beautiful and being healthy go hand in hand in giving you a confidence boost.

Let 2022 be the year that will drastically change your life and how you view yourself inside and outside.

1. Be Beautiful by having a Pure and Sincere Soul

Being kind and true to yourself will open your eyes to your inner being. A façade to make you seem cool will only dampen the beautiful gem that you are. Showing your true personality will highlight your strengths as a woman. Putting a show for long will make it difficult for you to discover your charms.

Rediscover your beauty by journaling every day so you can find the best in yourself through your daily musings. When you know yourself better than anybody, you have a better chance of presenting yourself in the most elegant and sincere way.

Here are some good journal recommendations to help you be at peace with who you are and what you want to be:

• Intelligent Change: The Five Minute Journal

• The Happiness Planner: Mastering Happiness & Success One Day At A Time!

• Soul Journal: A Writing Prompts Journal for Self-Discovery

2. Exercise for Your Healthy and Not Merely for Aesthetics



Though a lot of people are coming back to working on-site, there are still many of us who prefers to stay at home and work. Since many gyms are closed, and gyms can be a haven for viruses and bacteria, investing in at-home workout equipment and tools will allow you to freely work out whenever you want.

Whether you`re working from home or not, having a treadmill in your home makes it easier for you to exercise and get your dream body. Surprise yourself with amazing changes that will benefit not just your physique but also your mind, soul, and self-esteem.

3. Drink Vitamins and Supplements to Re-energize and Revitalize your Body

HUM Nutrition
Daily Cleanse

Collagen POP + Vitamin C Dissolvable Tablets

Getting a little help from vitamins and supplements won`t hurt, especially if you`re doing it to enhance your skin, hair, and health. Getting recommendations from your physician and buying the appropriate supplements will be the best way to go.

Collagen is especially amazing for your nails, hair, and skin by improving body composition, providing antioxidant protection, and improving skin hydration.

4. Take Beauty Sleep Seriously


As much as you want to girl boss, and have as much work done, or make as much money, never compromise your health, especially your sleep for material things. The saying “health is wealth” always rings true, especially when someone`s already in pain.

Sleep is one of the best gifts you can give yourself daily to allow your mind and body to recuperate after a long day of work.

Your environment when you sleep affects the quality of your sleep so make sure that you rest in a quiet, dim, and comfortable room is a necessity.

To protect your hair from getting too frizzy, and your face from wrinkling, you can invest in a genuine silk pillowcase and bed sheet set so that whether you turn and toss, you would feel like you`re floating in the clouds.

You can also set the mood right by turning on your humidifier or scent diffuser, and putting on a little bit of Lavender scent for a relaxing aroma.

Studies show that lavender gives off a calming aura that eases your mind from the stresses of the day.

Lavender- Bulgarian Essential Oil

5. Have your Regular “Me Time”

If you`re not reaping the benefits of working hard, there must be something wrong. Self-care is not a one-time thing that should be done once a week. Every day should be a self-care day.

Your mind, body, and soul are all sacred parts of you that you need to be kinder to.

Innisfree`s Pore Clearing Clay Mask is one of the most-raved skincare products that you can use to give your skin a much-needed cleansing and pampering. It can help minimize the pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, and deeply cleanse your skin.

Pore clearing clay mask 2X

with super volcanic clusters

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Using skincare products, exercising at home, and having a well-managed schedule will allow you to have less stress and be more confident with what you do every day. However, being beautiful and healthy goes beyond the physical aspects. Taking care of yourself in a holistic approach will give you the benefit of peace of mind, assured confidence, and a positive outlook for what`s yet to come.


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