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What Hair Color Is Suitable For Girls With Yellow Skin?

The color of your hair is something you can’t change. However, some girls are born with yellow skin and wish to change their hair color but don’t want to damage their hair.

If you have dark eyes and brown hair, it may be best to avoid platinum blonde or red colors.

This blog post will discuss what colors look best on girls with yellow skin tones.

1. Blonde

The best blonde hair colors for girls with yellow skin are gold, ash brown, and dirty blonde.  A blonde with a hint of red is also very appealing.

2. Black or brown

If you have yellow skin, it’s probably best to avoid jet black or brown hair.  When choosing these colors, the skin color will be more evident and unattractive.

3. Auburn

Auburn is a cross between blonde and brown, so it’s perfect for girls with yellow skin.    This color is also great for girls with light eyes because it brings out the color.

4. Ashy brunette

For girls with yellow skin, this is the best brunette color because it offsets the skin tone.  This is very dark but has some blonde tones to it.

5. Red

Another beautiful hair color for girls with yellow skin is red because it contrasts the skin tone nicely.

6. Burgundy

Another good color for girls with yellow skin is burgundy because it’s a dark reddish-purple.  It pairs well with olive-based skin tones.

Eye color is one of the best ways to pick a hair color that will look great on you. If your eyes are green, blue, grey, or any other light color, the best hair color will be blonde.


Hair color is what draws attention to the structure of your face.  Therefore, it’s essential for girls with yellow skin tones to choose the right hair color to highlight their skin tone.


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