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How to Look Effortlessly Stylish with your Work-at-home Outfits

Staying at home and doing office work is a luxury. You`re so lucky! Not everyone has the opportunity to keep safe in their own home until the pandemic is on-going. Though it can be quite dull at times, being cautious and enduring the quarantine will help not just you but also many people long-term.

There are many ways you can still feel normal. It`s a great time to work on your glow-up. Can you imagine? You have more time to sleep because you won`t have to get up early, prepare, and endure traffic. You can get dressed and eat breakfast while working. Though you might feel a little lazy, especially if you`re wearing the clothes you wore when you slept. Keeping neat, well-dressed, and eating a proper breakfast can make your day seem normal!

Getting dressed comfortably can be challenging if you have Zoom meetings to face people on cam. We got you! You can still feel chic and in-style with the right items without compromising your desire for creativity through fashion. Find inspiration from the fashion tips below on how you can get dressed stylishly at home!


If you don`t have any plans for the day except work without any video conferences, staying in your matching silk pajamas may be an excellent idea. However, some may argue that you need some normalcy or an organized schedule of waking up, showering, cooking breakfast, and eating to be more productive.

Looking chic with your silk pajamas doesn`t mean you won`t have to do the usual things you would do if you worked in the office. It`s just that you`re choosing to be more comfortable and at ease so you can work better. Just don`t forget to do a skincare routine and eat a scrumptious breakfast for a healthier and more productive self throughout the day!


Don`t toss your fuzzy jackets at the back of your closet yet! They might be useful for those days where the air conditioner may seem too cold to be able to work correctly. Whether you`re taking a break by watching your favorite shows or focusing on meeting your deadlines for work, nothing beats a soft and thick fabric keeping you all warm and cozy while enjoying the things you do best!

Look effortlessly stylish with your thick and fuzzy jackets to layer on top of your plain sweats or tops. You can even wear it even while the cam is on for a video conference. No one will judge you if you want to keep your body from freezing!


Who says that sweaters are ugly? Not me! If you wear your sweaters right, you might live in them forever! Kidding aside, sweaters are not only comfortable because they keep you toasty warm, but they`re also great to style with almost any clothing item!

Instead of getting super plain ones, why don`t you upgrade your sweaters a bit? Turtleneck, balloon sleeves, or over-sized sweaters in neutral colors can give you an aesthetic vibe if paired with the right accessories! You might even feel inspired to share your daily outfits in your social media profiles.


If you`re tired of wearing the same baggy sweatpants or yoga shorts, a pair of high-quality linen-cotton pants will save you from the distress of ugly stay-at-home clothes. They feel comfortable and don`t look too formal to wear at home.

It`s also great to wear if you`re expecting to run a quick errand outside. You can wear it with a pair of loafers or sneakers, and a matching cardigan.


As much as you love your skinny jeans or leggings, the comeback of wide-leg pants not only brings style but also ease in wearing pants. Have you ever had the experience of trying to squish your legs inside your skinny jeans because they`re too tight? You shouldn`t have that experience with a good pair of wide-leg pants.

Wearing a pair of these pants can upgrade your raggy work-at-home looks to one that`s camera-ready, especially if your boss has those out-of-the-blue meetings you need to attend! You can wear it with any plain top and add a matching blazer to finish off your outfit.


Having a few key clothing pieces can transform a simple outfit into one you would even want to show-off in the office! Though you might not show your outfits to others, you can still take great OOTDs daily that you can also keep in a dashboard for future fashion inspiration for you and others! Don`t forget these easy tips for a brighter and more fashionable you, even at home!


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