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I thank the counterfeiters for having the owners of the business

In a seemingly unlikely scenario, the owner of a well-known manufacturing company revealed that cheap counterfeiting was one of the best things that ever happened in his business.

Sean Ashby, founder of the men’s underwear and swimwear manufacturer Aussiebum, told me that his sales were due to counterfeit products – contrary to the generally held belief that the next copy of the loss maker actually increased.


“I would like to thank the counterfeiters for their development in Taiwan and the good part of China.”. “I didn’t spend any money,” he said.

“Because of its poor quality, those who buy it or read my website to buy the product, they will come back for me, because they will spend money to get the highest product, because they just love this brand.”

Sean said, often asked why he did not take the initiative to shut down those who copied his products, but his reaction is that this will only distract him from developing their own products and business focus.
“You close one factory and the other opens.”



Instead, Sean has always taken the lead in a very positive manner, counterfeiters, whose products are inevitably always in the final season.

The trick is to stay ahead. We launch new products every week, and we have new campaigns every week. No factory can keep up with what we are doing. “What kind of management is this,” he said.

However, Sean believes that the product is always copied, and trying to stop it from happening is a battle that can not be won at all.


He said, “if there is, it’s a big city, basically our design, and then put it in their retail store.” Today, it’s only part of the business. Once you feel comfortable, it’s less scary.”

“At first I [was] a very big compliment.” There is a brand, international brand, copy things, STICH, STICH. I remember seeing it in the shop: I was so excited that I had to take a swimwear manufacturer picture with me. Look at this, we did it, we did it.


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