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Aquifil carpet recycling factory in the United States, the manufacture of fashionable industrial fibers

The same interface, and Milliken’s manufacturers, as well as clothing brands such as Adidas and Volcom, use aquafil’s econyl yarn – from 100% recycled nylon – to produce sports clothes waste, swimwear and carpet. Now, the new plant in Feinikesi will recycle 6 of the waste from carpet to raw nylon material, give Aquafil more econyl yarn and increase supply of textile and carpet swimwear manufacturer.


Aquafil, which produces polyamide (or nylon 6), has established its own energy and recycling economy, 2007 promoting the company’s sustainable development activities. Through research and development, the company developed a econyl recycling system that will waste from nylon 6 carpet.

The system helps the company to participate in the “recycling economy” is an important business driver of the swimwear manufacturer, aquifil said. Aquafil is the first to open the carpet carpet recycling recycling facilities, aquifil (ACR) # 1, Feinikesi. When the equipment runs normally in 2018, it will collect and process 35 million pounds of carpet each year, and reuse the waste, or else go to the landfill, according to the company.


Carpet recycling has historically been a challenge because of the use of many different materials, as well as a design that is not easily separated. Aquafil said that it has been with more than 160 brands, providing them with econyl yarn, date, and claimed that it helped to make the fashion industry sustainable development.

Aquafil also creates nylon econyl 6 fishnet. A joint report by the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the United Nations Environment Programme says about 640000 tonnes of abandoned fishing nets in the ocean make up 1/10 of all marine waste.

Earlier this year, Adidas launched their negotiation ranges from swimming econyl yarn. Most recently, Yutong brought sustainable swimwear brand “fishnet Bikinis nightclub” by econyl London Fashion week.


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