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Iggy Azalea’s Bikini Falls Off In Unfortunate Malfunction — See Pics

Oops, and Iggy Azalea’s top! After her swimsuit jacket suddenly fell, the rapper was photographed to cover up! Check out Iggy’s sleek photos after a major wardrobe failure!
Iggy Azalea, 28, has just proved that she is as reactive as a cat! After her bikini top suddenly looses and falls, the rapper can quickly cover up! Before her breasts were exposed, Iggy quickly wrapped her black beach covering in front of her because friends laughed after the wardrobe failed. Moreover, she is also a good sport for bikini accidents! She is portrayed as a middle cover (shown below) with a smile on her face, and we guess this may be because things may get worse!

The blond bikini baby took a boat trip with friends on South Beach in Miami on August 6. She ensures that she records her days at a luxury sailing party and offers multiple bikini videos for her millions of fans. In her Instagram story, Iggy shows her rock music in a multicolored animal print swimsuit. She even pulled a bit in a video where she showed her assets and threw it on the yacht.

Just one day before the start of her twerk show, Iggy took a photo with her rumored boyfriend, Tyga, who recently teamed up with them to shoot “Kreme.” On August 5th, Iggy and T-Raww boarded a boat with friends in Miami. She wore a maroon dress and had a matching pocket around her waste that looked hot. At the same time, T is wearing a white T-shirt with bright neon green shorts and his signature silver chain.

Iggy Azalea Bikini Wardrobe Malfunction

On August 6th, Iggy Azalea suffered an unexpected bikini wardrobe failure after a friend yacht with Miami South Beach.

Iggy’s bikini wardrobe failure occurred after she teased her new EP, Survive the Summer. In three separate Instagram posts, Iggy released three full nude photos on August 3 to promote her new project. She strategically covers her private parts with a large neon green Prada bag, matching her neon green high heels.


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