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Sustainable swimwear? The best brands using ocean waste to create stylish suits

Eco-friendly swimwear from Barcelona allSisters.

All Sisters eco-friendly swimwear

Victoria Moss, haute couture editor
I don’t know about you, but my plastic guilt is raging. Buying takeaway ice coffee feels like smoking outside the maternity unit. With an imminent holiday, close to the beautiful ocean, we now know (thanks, Attenborough) is filled with nasty little plastic beads, who knows what, I feel awkward to put myself in a wrong plastic lilo And use those that cool on our debris, and the fish are suffocating and dying.

This makes me think, what can I buy to make me feel better about it? Ladies, I can introduce you to a fabric called Econyl, which is very cleverly made from marine waste – fishing nets, fabric waste and industrial plastics. It aims to realize the very necessary concept of transforming fashion into a sustainable development cycle. As an industry, this concept is far from the same. However, small steps will eventually make significant progress. People can hope.

ohoy swim

Reykjavik swimsuit, ice blue, £98, Ohoyswim

This fabric – technically a recycled nylon – has been used by designers for an encouraging ethical agenda. Neat, it is very effective in swimwear products. I am very happy that many brands have emerged, not only creating fashionable cossies, but also creating these clever things. Since 2013, Auria London has been a very good high waist bikini shorts. Its slogan is “Going out of the sea, for the ocean” helps to alleviate some of my guilt about the giant unicorn I am planning, and soon floats around Med.


Davy’s swimming department, Davy J, solves an urgent problem – does a person in a swimsuit look fashionable? The answer is very clear. I prefer its classic black (size 8-18, very well fit) and red design, with delicate crossover details on the back (if you are of that type, there are also beautiful bikinis), designed for open waters. – Double lining with high elastic fiber for added strength and durability.

davy j

Red swimsuit, £140, Davy J.


Also worth noting is: all sisters, Barcelona labels, are environmentally conscious and have a very smooth, elegant look. And, Ohoy Swim – a full score of a lively brand name – it has a classic but cool swimsuit and a beautiful block of bikini, at the helm of two Scandinavian women in Dubai. You may have noticed that I have adhered to simple shapes and tones, and there are many types of swimming around this summer. I personally feel a little bit more weight loss. However, for fun, please add flowing shoes or kimono to the top. I will.


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