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Introducing RE-SWIM CLUB

The fashion world is a famous waste. When the finest cloth comes into our wardrobe, more remains on the floor of the cutting room.


In witnessing (apparently contributing to this level of waste), the Adelaide designer Natalie Ivanov inspired the creation of the re-swim club, an environmentally-friendly swimsuit label that uses only recycled or discarded items.

She said: “synthetic products are bad for the environment, whether in the manufacturing process or after discarding, and if I can use up a small part, I feel I am achieving something.”

Ivanov’s works are hand crafted scraps, remnants, rolls, DEADSTOCK vintage fabrics and buy recycled fabrics. She began sewing this way when she was young, using leftovers from her tailor’s mother’s creations. Ivanov said: “I have been doing with the doll on the leftovers of clothes.”


At first she bought her day’s work in swimwear manufacturers and retail stores to build designs and fabrics in Sydney’s warehouse, supplying the remaining fabrics, designers and factories. Ivanov also offers a sustainable fabric – recycled nylon by 78% – from online store Eclipse. “I don’t know what I’ll get until I find it,” she said.

This means that – although simple and classic designs – each piece is unique, because each style is a song by means of a song by means of Mandolin May (Maggie, Young, Turks, Wind, etc.)

These designs are currently available only online, but Ivanov has been focusing on space updates for Adelaide’s future storefronts and design studios.


Hi, Everyone! I'm Natalie. I live in LA. I am a freelancer. I love sharing my thought about this world on my blog post. Thanks for taking time to read my article. CONTACT: [email protected]

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