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Drupe: international staff around the world

When Maria DeAndrea told her parents that she was going to quit their job in the bank, in Geneva, Switzerland, they started a fashion route, and they thought she was crazy. Fashion seems to be on the other side of the financial world.


De Andr, who studies the administration of industry and commerce, a decades old home Real Estate Company in Valencia, Spain, on her to her next job in switzerland. But the bank is not her bag.

She finally convinced her parents that fashion is her hobby. “I’m creative,” she says. I like drawing. Working in an office is a nightmare for me. My life is not full.

Her father finally accepted her career transition, but on one condition. She had to find a financial backing. She doesn’t need to see very far. Her brother, Dimas, who in the family’s commercial real estate business, become a new swimwear manufacturer and her co-founder, investors called drupe, produced by palm trees and other fruit stone.

De Andr moved to Losangeles, began her new company, a lifestyle brand, so that men and women casual clothing and swimwear.


The beach type brand organization in the new millennium fashion, and de Andre E and her staff are scattered all over the world between the Skype conference. Her designer, Lucia Ribes, is in Valencia. She prints designer, Anna Caldas, is the o Paulo —- Brazil; her public relations, who is in Losangeles; and her swimsuit factory in Barcelona, spain. She has freelance designers in britain.

Bankers switched to clothing and swimwear manufacturers to describe the line as “relaxed, colorful, sexy and avant-garde.”

She works with her Brazil designer to come up with unique photos, such as green spotted Ladybug or printed Lycra swimsuit fabric. Her silhouette is many reversible and may be less or more gentle. The bottom has a simple bikini form or a higher rising shape that covers more areas. Is at the top of the triangle and the headband and reins.

The wholesale price of each bikini set is about $45. Although most swimwear manufacturer sales have been online, de Andr will expand its sales shop, she completed a large market in Mykonos, the Greek line, later this summer.


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