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Is there a summer without Kim Kardashian wearing a thong bikini?

Like, really, really hot. Just like this, 2018 will definitely be the fourth hottest year in history. But at that time, we did not mean that the summer has officially arrived.

You see, despite the many dollar bills we have thrown the newly-conceived millennial-recognized rosé wine, although Ariana Grande has released a popular summer playlist (watching you, Sweetener), we have not yet Delete everything in the absolute summer list. Lost bullet points? Kim Kardashian is dressed in a dazzling high waist, 90s style thong women’s high waisted bikini.

That is, until Sunday, when you guessed it – Kim Kardashian used a 90’s style thong bikini to create a high waist and high waist of the Miami Coast. Of course, this entrepreneur and the mother of three children have taken the time to sunbathe this season. Just last week, she relaxed on a bright pink neon Chanel Chanel jumpsuit, which made us feel confused, wondering if it was the first dress she wore. But we haven’t seen Mrs. West on something… compelling… just like the infamous retro Dior bikini she wore last year in Mexico.

It all changed on the weekend, when Kardashian was photographed with longtime friend Larsa Pippen. Yes, Kim looks like a fabulous avatar directly from a sci-fi movie that will never be released, called Calabasas’s guarding her hair? It led Ariana Grande. Her skin? Its tan complexion sparkles in the sun. Two-piece Minimoale Animale set of $195? If you want to recreate the look, it might be yours.

However, the most important issue we encountered was this question: Isn’t the game of Kim Kardashian wearing thong really summer? No, no, forever. Now, this season has officially arrived.


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