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Regardless of your size, buying a swimsuit is a hellish attempt

The fitting room is small and weird, with terrible lights and mirrors that make you look like a fresh hell. If you are a straight size – that is, around 16 or so – buying a ladies swimming costume may be a little less horrible. If you choose to accept the challenge, you can find a swimsuit within 15 minutes. So, if you need an hour from Jitney to Hampton and need an emergency bikini, you can jump into Forever 21, a nylon frame with a neon pattern of eyeballs, and no second thought at 5:45 to Southhampton. This is a thin privilege. This is the privilege I have always dreamed of. Swimwear for me to shop, and all other women, just a little bigger than there, a bit difficult.

I have been looking for a bikini. I have a minimum requirement: not a cockroach, not a tankney, a pattern or a flower, this is something that celebrates my body, rather than covering it with excessive wrinkles and control panels. I found a lot of junk in the actual store, so I turned to a good equalizer, the Internet. This is the worst thing about this process. Just like buying anything, being able to throw the damn thing on your body and knowing its appearance is crucial. So, if you don’t have these options in the store, you’ll fall into the quagmire of online shopping, scroll through endless websites, and cross-web blogs that might try to use the same swimsuit and post actual photos. The real body is for you to see.
Pictures can only do so much. If you plan to buy something like this without trying, you need to be closely related to the tape measure and not be disturbed by the numbers you see. This is how wide your hips are. This is the measure of your true waistline. This is the width of your chest, including the breasts. Don’t let these numbers make you sad, because honestly, no one will know. It won’t print out the new models you are about to buy, so just let it ride, gay.

What are you looking for?

In terms of swimsuits, everyone likes different things, but here are some rules that can help me find something that doesn’t make me feel like a mother.

The size of the bra is on top: I want a supportive top that won’t make my breast look like a bad pancake, lying on my chest, even if I go swimming, it might stay on my body. There is at least 85% chance in the water. Also, I want the steel ring, so my chest stays lifted.
Ability to order different sizes for the top and bottom: my ass is bigger than my upper half. Please let me choose my own destiny.
A beautiful high waist: Yes, I put on a bikini, but if my stomach is a bit covered, I will like it very much. Thank you.
Where to get it

Old Navy: They have a fairly strong swimwear section, although their bikini tops help with extreme physical confidence or those artificial or God’s grace to lift the breasts. I bought a bikini here, but when I came out of the sea, I was blinded by salt water and suddenly became naked on a beach full of children. I regret it. However, if you want a very cute piece that won’t make you look like a huge child, then you are lucky. This floral number is very retro, and won’t make you look like a texture model. This confetti print has real, realistic shoulder straps, and on the back, lie low above your trophy shelf. If you go swimming, be careful…
Passion: I will never shop at Torrid. I linked it to lame club costumes and weird business casuals, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has improved its gameplay. I am not angry with these overall short things or this dress. anyway! Their swimsuit choices are quite good. Not too expensive, it doesn’t look so cheap, it will collapse once you get into the water. see? This looks good, right? It’s colorful and fun, not staple food and dirty.
ModCloth: The large size clothing chosen by ModCloth is a small tweet for my taste, and there are a lot of things with whimsy, but they have a lot of choices for the big size swimsuit. So, this is Esther Williams’s bikini, which is now sold out, but I believe it will come back. In addition, they make a one-piece version, which I think looks cute and seems more supportive. Buy two! Indulge your tales of all Taylor Swift. I won’t judge.
Figleaves: Regardless of the size of your chest, Figleaves probably has a bra for you. Moreover, the bra will not be a terrible flesh-colored torture device. They make cute! For girls with chests, they don’t want to feel like they are elderly women, their tits gently hit their knees! The same applies to their swimsuits. You can search by bra size, their choices are huge, so the most likely things are possible here. Here I found this lovely floral number


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