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Isla Lawrence was shocked at her mother’s sexy swimsuit: ‘I thought you were a sister! ‘

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The curved model is known for her eye-catching appearance.

It seems that Apple is not far from the tree, because Iskra Lawrence’s mother is equally amazing.

This week, the blockbuster shared her and her mother’s swimwear.

Instagram users are shocked by this photo, and many people say that their parents look more like the 27-year-old sister.

In her latest social media coverage, Iskra celebrated her mother’s birthday.

She shared a pair of photos on vacation, all wearing matching matching swimsuits.

When Iskra chose to wear a white crocheted swimsuit, her mother chose a black halter neck cossie.

The blonde has the same smile in the photo.

Islak added a title to the image: “It is basically impossible to say what you mean to me.

“I will do my best to make you proud and keep the morals and values ​​you instill in me.

“You are not only the best mother in the world, you are my best friend, I am very happy that we can share all the memories and adventures of life together.

“You have the purest heart and the best support. I can never thank you. I am grateful to you every day.

“Love you forever, forever.”

On the last day, this snapshot accumulates 126,000 favorite things on Instagram.

The commentators watched this photo incessantly, and many praised Iskra’s youthful beauty.

An Instagram user said, “I see where you get beautiful.”

Another wrote: “Wait, is that your mother?! I am not saying cheesy, but she looks very young.”

The third supplement says: “Mom? I thought you were a sister! There is so much beauty in a photo.”

Mother Lawrence is not the only parent who can resist aging.

Two moms Sarah Stage is one of the most successful models on Instagram.

In order to keep her body, busy parents make sure to exercise every other day.

Australian baby Hannah Polites is another delicious mummies.

She is known for sharing photos of her baby’s body, and many are inspired.

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