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Miami-based GD Swimwear designer travels to NYFW to participate in street fashion week

Curious about the fresh sound of fashion? Street Fashion Week (SFW) is a direct-to-consumer fashion show, and a proficient audience has been waiting. SFW is the only New York Fashion Week show dedicated to spotlight street fashion designers and returned to New York on September 15 as part of the seven-city international tour.

At this New York Fashion Week, SFW brought its trademark polishing production to the heart of Lower East Side of Manhattan. Street Fashion Week is a luxury “city” or “street” fashion event that showcases the most promising emerging local designers.

Surprisingly, this season’s T-stage, a highlight of luxury streetwear is GD Swimwear. As a creative idea of ​​Damian Donaire and Gonzalo Zulueta, GD Swimwear has earned a name for himself in Miami’s beach culture, their recent performance during the Miami swimming cycle.

They are expected to be the first brand in Miami and the only swimwear brand in the street show! GD Swimwear – All works are designed to prevent tan lines. GD Swimwear will be one of the hottest upcoming designers of the season, and they are exploring the urban energy of culture.

After a series of successful previous performances, SFW is expected to have a venue for style veterans and industry insiders. More than 1,000 guests are expected to attend, including local media representatives, stylists and influential people. Street Fashion Week has the opportunity to sit down with Gonzalo to discuss their preparations for New York Fashion Week – see the links below for more details.

The event opened on September 15th and was awarded the “Street Fashion Pioneer” award to the special guests at 8pm.

Street Fashion Week is a biennial production based on a global fashion calendar designed to promote and reinvigorate conversations with street designers.

The innovative direction of “street style” is not limited to any fashion genre, but from how fashionists express their personal style. Closely related to music and culture, “street” fashion is embodied and promoted by popular artists, especially rap and hip hop artists such as A $ AP Rocky, Kanye West, Pharrell, Sean’P. Didi’ comb and so on. Street Fashion Week aims to capture the essence of the culture and passion that defines “street” fashion, while creating a platform for emerging street fashion designers to explore their crafts freely.

Gonzalo and Damian founded GD in October 2016. Although co-founder Damian tanning in Cancun, he has been hearing girl squid about their terrible tan lines. Then, inspired by these girls, he created a unique swimsuit that would eliminate those tan lines. When he brought the idea to co-founder Gonzalo, Gonzalo quickly envisioned it and put the project into practice.

Although Gonzalo and Damian have no experience in the fashion field, they have not studied fashion. They surveyed the latest trends for a few months. In addition, industry professionals help us turn our vision into reality.


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