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Kardashian can’t get enough swimwear trend

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are not just a common hobby for professional rappers, silhouettes and Kris Jenner’s management skills.

This year, the first live TV family upgraded their bikini games with retro designer swimwear.

Kylie launched this trend in 2016, starting with the early ‘000 years of Vuitton and Burberry to enter the designer bikini, but in the past few months, Kim has made his own look with Chanel and Dior’s retro two-piece set.

Unlike Kylie lipstick sets or Kim K approved bike shorts, luxury beachwear can’t be added to an online shopping cart very quickly.

Mrs. West rented these works from the archives of New York stylist Gabriel Helder.

“These works are rarely used. They are in a good, clean retro state. Since KKW [Kim Kardashian West] is wearing my Christian Dior Rasta bikini, my fans have received a lot of requests,” Held told Vogue.

“Since graduating from high school, I have been coveted and unbearable in this series. I am very happy to see these works gain new life!”

Click to see all the time in the retro swimwear that Kardashian Jenner brings.


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