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The twin sisters behind OYE, the swimming brands worn by Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner, talk about bikini trends

Bathing beauty! Ayca and Zeynep Sadikoglu, the Turkish twins behind OYE Swimwear, sit down and talk to Stylish about all the swimsuits. There is no doubt that stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, Nina Dobrev and LeAnn Rimes have been fans of the brand since its inception in 2007. The two girls are rushing in their unique style, and the trend for their suits to scream bikinis is that they predict the future and their tired appearance. Is there one thing that remains the same for them? They want all customers to feel undeniably confident when they swing their suits. Scroll through the details.

How do they start the brand?
Growing up in the waters of Turkey, influenced the style of Ayca and Zeynep and the love of swimwear. “We believe that luxury swimming brands will be the perfect combination of our family history, the connection to the sea and the passion for art and design,” Zeynep said. “We traveled to India 11 years ago and encountered some beautiful natural stones as we explored them, and they were immediately attracted to them,” she continued. “We chose to add them to the bikini, let us wear them, our friends immediately saw and fell in love with them, and then it grew and eventually became the first series of OYE Swimwear,” she explained.

How do they use Instagram as a platform?
When it comes to social media fans, Ayca and Zeynep are showing them all types of women. “We like to show real women of all backgrounds and sizes on the Instagram page,” Zeynep told Stylish. “We are proud of the fact that women feel confident and beautiful in our suits and want to label us and share this feeling with followers,” she said. “OYE girls are full of confidence in their skin and have their own unique personal style, everyone wants to imitate,” she explained. She added: “She is smart and secular, smart and curious, likes to travel and try new things.”

You can expect to see the trend of swimwear
When it comes to the next big swimwear trend, Ayca and Zeynep believe that women tend to have unique architectural shapes. Zeynep revealed: “I think they will break away from the typical bikini and wear some trademarks of OYE, including hollowed out, transparent panels and interesting shapes on the top and bottom, you usually don’t see them.” Ayaka said: ” I saw a lot of asymmetrical suits with peekaboo details, longline straps, and a lace-up swimsuit.” “I’m tired of a triangle bikini,” she was taken aback. “They look like the leaves used to cover the Greek goddess and Adam and Eve. We believe in displaying the skin in a subtle and refined way,” Ayca added.

Why do celebrities like their suits?
The two twins are proud of their impeccable suit quality and believe that this is the number one reason why stars love them. Ayo explained: “OYE swimsuits can be worn on the beach, look beautiful on Instagram, but still durable enough, you can jump into the sea without worrying about any damage.” “Celebrities and influencers are always taking pictures, they are Not only does it look beautiful, but it also feels beautiful,” she told Stylish. “We offer a unique style. Once a woman wears an OYE swimsuit, she feels she is the best version. We are fortunate to be able to develop a loyal celebrity to follow women of different body types, which makes us more proud than ever before. When we created,” she said.


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