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La Porte Swimsuit Replacement Program Let’s You Replace Your Suit If Your Size Changes Within A Year, No Questions Asked

Courtesy La Porte

If you are tired of buying a new swimsuit every time you change your body, this is your brand. La Porte adopts an “open door policy” on its swimsuit, which means that if your weight fluctuates throughout the year, you can return it. It is safe to say that this brand is changing the game of swimwear shopping.


La Porte hopes you like it’s swimsuit, but it also wants you to love your body. The brand’s open door policy states that if your size fluctuates with the size you purchased within 365 days of purchase, the brand will send you a new swimsuit – no problem. The only problem is that you have to send back a one that is not suitable for you.

“We don’t know everything, but we do know the swimsuit. We get it – accidents, your body changes, clothes become different. We have lived. Your feelings in swimming should never be a problem – leave Give us the accessories,” wrote the website.

“Improve the open door policy. If your size or shape changes within 365 days of purchase, we would be happy to change your suit for free. For smaller or larger, we will be with you.”

Courtesy La Porte

For items that are not suitable for you, this is not a free return. This is free, and when you don’t feel the size you originally chose, there is no problem asking for size swapping.

La Porte’s swimsuit is described on the website as a livable luxury. This is an interesting way to say that they are a bit more expensive than regular suits and can be worn in many different ways. Think about it: the items that are ready to swim can also be used as support tights, tailored tops and bandeaus.

When these items are not sold, the price of each item ranges from $68 to $168. These kits are also reversible so you can make the most of your purchase.

The brand’s policy eliminates the fear of investing in higher-priced swimsuits, so you don’t have to buy new swimwear every time you change your body. This policy works as long as the new size swimwear is still in stock and you are still in the first 365 days after purchase.

Courtesy La Porte

Even before this policy was implemented, the brand was not your regular swimwear seller. The name “La Porte” actually means French doors, so the open door policy is completely reasonable. According to the website, “The series conceptualizes each series as a point of contact between people, places and cultural movements.”

The open door policy proves that the brand insists that the brand is a connection point. La Porte doesn’t just buy a suit with your money, and then send you on the road. Instead, it wants to make sure you are happy with the purchases throughout the year.

Courtesy La Porte

La Porte’s open door policy is a game changer in the fashion industry. It changes the way brands are sold, how people think about buying, and how he/she experiences when they wear items. If only all brands care about their customers so much.


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