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New Swimwear Styles for Resort 2018/2019 on the Runway at Art Hearts Fashion

Hale Bob | Photo by Arun Nevader

swimming suits for ladies

During the five-day swimming event at Art Hearts Fashion, held at the Faena Forum in Miami Beach, California from July 12th to 16th, more than 30 designers showed their style at the swimwear show, and the swimwear never stopped. Over.

“This is by far the largest production in terms of size and scale in Miami Swimming Week,” said Eric Rost, founder and president of Art Heart Fashion International.

Fashion trends include a one-piece suit, a twill bikini, a high-waisted hem, a neckline, pleated details, ruffles, a colorful print and a large amount of snakeskin fabric.

One of the most striking details of Art Hearts Fashion this year is Joel Alvarez’s black tape project, which strategically puts shiny black tape on a swimsuit-like model. This is a creative turn for Miami Swimming Week.


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