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Less love island, more Kylie Jenner: how to design swimwear and high heels, now

Less love island, more Kylie Jenner: how to design swimwear and high heels, now

Love Island may not be on our screen, but the fashion mix advocated by Dani, Megan and others still exists. High-heeled shoes with swimwear are now synonymous with the program, such as “sultry” and “I have text” and other keyword slogans. But don’t think that high heels and swimwear only need to mean that the huge gold wedge shines like a metal stilt underneath its small thong bikini.

Oh no. Everyone’s favorite 21-year-old almost billionaire has developed a style solution full of CEO energy that integrates this tricky team into everyday life. With her latest look, Kylie Jenner proves that you don’t have to wear swimwear by the pool. Of course, the Cali temperature helps.

When shopping with her hometown Calabasas boyfriend Travis Scott, Kylie chose a shiny black swimsuit, but the beach atmosphere stopped there. . No apron or flip-flops, the current blond-haired beauty tycoon is paired with high-waisted dark jeans and a pair of particularly mouth-watering Manolo Blahnik sandals.

To remind you that you have forgotten that Kelly is the most successful businesswoman of her generation, she has also joined some of the classic CEO – approved commercial works: she has a pinstriped suit jacket on her arm, and she On the left wrist is an impressive all-in-one Golden Rolex watch with Balenciaga sunglasses for the overall design.

Surprisingly – considering that she is not afraid to show her a large collection – she did not have a handbag on this shopping trip. One of HermèsBirkins or the mega-metal Louis Vuitton Speedys on her mirrored wardrobe, the boss-like sass will only be magnified.


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