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Dua lipa releases a low profile in a small bikini: “It’s hotter than hell”

In recent days, this amazing female singer has been living in Turkey, and she is currently participating in her parade in this performance.

But Dua Lipa will definitely take some time to take some sunshine out of all the work, in some serious thin swimsuits.

On Thursday, the 22-year-old singer Hotter Than Hell left her own lyrics on her official Instagram account because she had a hot song on the side of a friend.

Wearing a striking tropical print bikini, the top singer of this chart wears a shameless display, which is not just a low-key flash in the process.

Dua–She recently celebrated her 22nd birthday – giving up the makeup for a snapshot, showing off her natural beauty, while her bodybuilding belly and legs occupy the center stage.

In fact, her body is very healthy, she wrote: “Sundipped”.

Needless to say, the star doesn’t have to wait a long time to be overwhelmed by her comments of 16.6 million Instagram fans.

One user wrote: “Sacred Molly, you are very stuffy.”

The second claim: “The underboob is giving me life.”

Although the third admirer added: “The sexiest woman in fashion, bikini is everything.”

The final continues: “More hot than hell.”

It seems that Korosvan-British beauty and her boyfriend, food blogger Isaac Carew, took part in the latest trip.

Dua shared this gorgeous sweet buckle on her Instagram because they made a storm for frank photos and seemed to enjoy sailing in the sea.

Some people think that when Isaac danced with a mysterious woman at G-A-Y Late in London nightclub earlier this year, they had already encountered a rock and let fans guess whether he had cheated on Dua.

But he quickly adopted social media to condemn the rumors and wrote a lengthy post: “I don’t want you to think that Dua has something to do with someone who doesn’t love and respects her.

“She won’t support it. Dua and I both fell into the hands of the tabloids, causing a dramatic relationship and connecting us to different people. There was nothing at all. I danced with friends in the gay bar and Has been shown in a bad light.”

The couple had been together for two years before they broke up in February last year, but settled in 2018.

And we think it can be said that this pair is completely defeated!


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