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Making a splash: This summer’s hottest swimwear trends swimming suits for ladies


Swimwear sizzles this season with unexpected elements such as ruffles and cutouts. A model wears a swimsuit from La Vie en Rose.
Swimwear sizzles this season with unexpected elements such as ruffles and cutouts.swimming suits for ladies 

When it comes to the hottest swimwear this summer, everything is to embrace the accident.

Emilie Gentes, head of public relations at La Vie en Rose, said, “This season’s shoulders and ruffles are very popular for bikini tops and single pieces.”

While low-rise bikini bottoms are still popular on the poolside style, Gentes says retro-style cuts have become warmer.

“The high-waist bikini bottoms still exist as well as the color blocks and the atmosphere of the nineties,” she explained. “You can find a beach ambulance-style red piece in the store, with high-waist legs in bikini bottoms and a single piece.”

In terms of fabrics, Gentes said that unique new textiles will also be put into the mixture.

“Fabrics and prints, velvet is definitely a strong new trend, floral prints are always fashionable,” she said.

In recent seasons, one-piece swimsuits have regained favor and gradually eliminated two-piece swimsuits. According to Gentes, they will stay.

“They are everywhere, there are many styles that cover all trends,” she talks about the monokini style.

Worried that wearing a one-piece swimsuit feels too conservative or boring? Please be assured that this season’s one-piece swimsuit style has enough unique details and design to make everyone interested.

“When you have a compelling single piece of interesting detail, there is no need to envy these two pieces,” Gentes talks about. “You will find a shoulder, an off-the-shoulder, a deep neckline and a cut style.”

As for the top color trends this season, we can expect to see more of the same we saw in the previous summer – just a little less black.

“This season, we can see a lot of bright colors,” Gentes said. “Red is the main color trend of the season and the crimson tone.”

Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to activate Beach Day with a bold print in a bikini or one-piece swimsuit. And, according to Gentes, the full model of the season is inspired by the tropics.

“Flowers and tropical leaf prints are very popular this summer,” she explained. “From big flowers to small flowers, it is very likely.”

Looking for something less…what is in full bloom? Well, you may want to stick to the stripes to add excitement to the poolside band without being too bold.

“Stripes are also in this season, you will see their thickness and color are different,” Gentes said. The timeless pattern can also be surprisingly pleasing.

Considering all the hottest styles, patterns and shades, the next step in finding the perfect summer swimsuit is to head to the store. Moreover, things get tricky.

Although it’s perfectly fine to feel the fashion style when buying a swimsuit – after all, we all want to look stylish – there is one thing you don’t want to feel healthy. To avoid any sense of self-awareness, Gentes offers some concise advice.

“Wear something that makes you feel beautiful,” she suggested. “And choose a swimwear style that highlights your assets.”

Finding the perfect swimsuit requires trial and error, try several different styles and cuts to find a swimsuit that fits your unique shape. Moreover, professional advice – whether from trusted friends or family members, or experienced, unbiased sales assistants – can often provide tremendous help.

“At la Vie en Rose, we don’t believe that a style can be flattered,” Gentes said. “The beauty of every woman is unique. This is why we offer a variety of styles, cuts, shapes and colors. Suitable for all tastes and styles.”

However, there is a common element, Gentes said shoppers should look for when buying the right swimsuit. This is quality.

“Comfort comes also from quality fabrics and provides good stretch support,” she said.

Five top swimsuit fit tips


Buying a swimsuit is often frustrating and anxious.

Whether it’s a person’s shape, size or swimsuit preferences, the store’s rich swimwear – not to mention the various styles – will make shoppers feel overwhelmed. That is before you arrive at the fitting room.

In order to alleviate some of the frustrations that swimwear may face when shopping, we invited Emilie Gentes, head of public relations at La Vie en Rose, to find the most suitable swimsuit for her body.

Tip 1: The cup should not exceed

“Like a bra, your breasts should not overflow from the top or side. They should be well supported,” Gentes said.

Tip 2: The belt should not leave traces

“The straps shouldn’t be dug on the shoulders,” Gentes said.

Tip 3: Edges and seams should not be squeezed

“The edges of the clothes are usually elastic and should not be dug deep. Your swimsuit should feel comfortable without leaving traces,” Gentes said.

Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to walk (no, really!)

“When you try on a suit, try walking in the locker room, raise your arms, bend forward, and jump. If it doesn’t ride, move or expose an area that shouldn’t be exposed, then this is a good choice. “Gentes said.

Tip 5: Once you choose a swimsuit, please pay attention to it

How often should we revisit a swimwear collection? Should it be replaced/updated regularly?

“Taking care of them will prolong their lives. Rinsing them is the key to removing salt and chlorine. Wash with mild soap, avoid washing machines, don’t put them in the dryer. Lay them flat and don’t put them in Direct sunlight.”



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