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Margherita Missoni Amos Collaborates With Mott50 for Sun-Protective Swimwear

Margherita Missoni Amos works with the sun protection clothing brand Mott50 to design for women’s and children’s swimwear.

The resort capsule collection will be launched in October and offers a variety of bold color options. Along with Mott50’s CEO and founder, Anne Reilly, Missoni has always dreamed of performance swimwear, including zipper neckline, ruffled skirt, polo collar and color blocks.

Missoni arrived in Europe on a family vacation, and he said that one of the challenges in designing this sunscreen series is the need to adequately cover the arms and neckline. “From a performance standpoint, performance-oriented sunscreen swimwear is usually very sporty. It’s very sporty and modern. What I’m trying to do is make it more retro,” she said. “Back to the day they used to hide themselves, so I chose some of them and mixed them with modern fabrics and techniques,” adding that these references cover the forties from the 1940s to the 1970s. .


Although the average T-shirt offers 5 UPF, the Mott 50 garment claims to have 50+ UPF against UVA and UVB without the harmful toxins used in some sunscreens. The company’s goal is to reduce the estimated 50 million people who receive skin cancer treatment each year. Missoni is the mother of two children, and he and Mott50 have joined forces. To launch the collection in the US, Missoni plans to travel to Los Angeles, a city with a year-round pool and beach culture.

Missoni said she has been paying attention to the advancement of technology and performance-driven fabrics – a feature shared by her grandmother Rosita (the daughter of the Missoni brand). Mott50’s trademark sports fabric is known for its lightness and breathability. The retail price of the women’s collection ranges from $58 to $195, and the children’s collection starts at $32. (Missoni’s other collaborations include Splendid and luxury handbag manufacturer Ximena Kavalekas.) Margherita Missoni named the long-sleeve one-piece swimsuit “Margherita” and other styles such as “Angela” and “Lucia”.


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