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So your favorite swimwear label has done good things for this planet.

private label swimwear manufacturers

As an Australian favorite private label swimwear manufacturers, the Republic of China has already failed a lot. Whether it is the ultimate holiday wardrobe for us (because we all know that three new swimmers are traveling overseas is essential) or give us an existing need to refresh, the local label has passed summer after summer.

But it turns out that the brand’s role is not only to make us look more beautiful on the beach: they actually save the earth. Proud of the sustainability of cool (the brand has been in the production of swimsuit more than 10 years), Tigerlily’s re focus, 2018 is reusing, recycling and creating a swimsuit without any guilt.

“We have our 2018 collection from closed loop 50%, regenerated econyl fiber base cloth,” creative director Amelia Mather said. We are also working with Mills to develop our exclusive sustainable base. We have always been proud of the uniqueness. I remember that when I was in University, “sustainability” had these untidy and crafty connotations. It’s really changing. It’s a great pleasure to be part of it.

“We want to know that we have a positive impact on the industry we love every day,” she said, “to confirm that the brand is continuing to negotiate with private label swimwear manufacturers to ensure that they reduce their harsh chemicals and their environmental footprint.

Her advice to consumers is simple: to receive education, support well made brands, and stop buying fast fashion.

Stop buying the cheap products you once wore and throw them away! Buy a clothing that goes beyond season and choose high-quality fabrics. It is a great sustainable development basis to understand fiber, and some of them are more environmentally friendly, such as flax, “she suggested.

“Read how to take care of the fabric of your clothes and fabrics. Avoiding the toxic chemicals used by standard dry cleaning, using the pouch bag to wash the microfiber synthetic materials into our waterways and dry energy lines is just a simple way to make a conscious decision in your daily decision.

When do you invest? Mather is a advocate of the color and printing of everything, it is the Republic of China, of course.

“Minimalism is out of date! I’m not a minimalist, so I’m biased. I still believe that the plain swimsuit will be important but it’s too saturated, I think the details and craft will be a key [trend], a unique point of precision cutting. Life is too short to wear a one-time Bikinis nightclub, buy high quality to make you feel good and continuous.


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