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Monday swimwear has the bikini you need in your closet

Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman pursued a “real possession” bikini in fit, style and comfort, which led them to set up a swimsuit on Monday. The best friend said that although the brand started because of “selfish reasons,” it made them discover that many women would encounter the same problem when purchasing swimwear. Oakley said: “The shoulder straps are deep or unadjustable, the top is actually not suitable or can’t reach their size, or the suit looks beautiful, but when they wear it, it does not make them feel comfortable and confident.” Klee (28) and Brugman (27) have more than 3 million collective followers on Instagram and held their first Monday swim show during the Miami swimming this summer.

Swimwear’s performance at Miami Swimming Week on Monday was the brand’s first fashion show. what happened?

NO: This year’s show show is very special for Devin and me, not only because it is our first, but also because we can present our collection in a classic, stylish and noble way. We are also able to show the true essence of Monday’s swimwear by shaping real women with personality and curves.

Tell us more about how to project a model in your show.

No: German and I have always been keen to represent the “real” women who are bent. We want to make sure to convey the message on the runway. We have a lot of good feedback on this – so we think it’s done.

What kind of design did we see on the runway?

DB: Our swim-week runway design incorporates our iconic and summer swim and beachwear collections. We work with designer Anna Vitiello to stop presenting our next collection and design this timeless collection in an elegant and elegant way, which we feel is the essence of our brand.

Autumn’s favorite swimming fashion trend?

No: I like classic stripes, polka dots, all high waists and drawstrings for swimming. It is great to see the designer revisit the 90s.

What is the favorite swimsuit color in autumn?

DB: I like soft rose and blue.

In South Florida, you can ask for a swimsuit on any weekend. What do you feel confident?

NO: Find a suit that will replenish your body. On Monday, Swimwear literally has a suit that makes everyone feel confident and sexy. It is important to be able to mix and match styles and sizes to find the perfect fit.

What makes Monday Swimwear different from other brands?

DB: Monday Swimwear stands out because we focus on simplicity and elegance. If you feel that your suit is comfortable, you will feel confident, we will really live with the words “less is more”, so we will try to pull our series back to what we know will only let us Women look more beautiful.


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