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Narrabeen will be the local plastic bottles into fashionable clothing

The beach in the north is home to the activities, so let it recycle, and you win the win.

The Slumber Squad series is made of recycled bottles, with activities and swimsuit, which has been hit in South America.

The 27-year-old Nicolette Serfozo designer from Narrabeen now aims to raise $ 8,000 through Kickstarter to fund her latest “Mermaid Galaxy” series.

She acquired a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the conversion of plastic bottles into polyester yarns and custom fabrics and was looking for swimwear manufacturer China swimsuit series for Econyl, a nylon fabric made from recycled plastic waste from the ocean.

“I hope to turn it into a 100% recycling eco-brand, which is also an affordable and serious trend,” she said.

Serfozo is the finalist of the Youth Australia Youth Social Pioneer Environmental River Foundation, which is earning $ 10,000.


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