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“Profit” cast a lifeline, sinking Miami Miami swimwear company

“Profit” star Marcus Lemillis back to Miami, do his best job: help the business. His latest mission: swimming by Chuck Handy, a family run. Plus the size of the swimsuit brand located in North Miami Beach. We talked to the stars of the episode and opened at 10 o’clock. Tuesday CBNC: Chuck and Mary Lou Handy and their children, daughter Mary Ellen McAteer and son Charlie III, his last entry into reality TV was in 2014, appeared in “Dating Nude”, he was wearing this dress.

What is working with Marcus?

Chuck: He treated his advice firmly and honestly and tried to learn as much of our process as possible. From the beginning, he focused on what made us tick, and how we performed everyone’s responsibility.

Charlie: Working with Marcus is very interesting. He can quickly listen and learn, immediately see the need to improve the field. He must be able to achieve his reputation.

Mary Allen: Marcus can enter a family business with a successful product, but may not be the most successful process, and immediately identify the problem and affect the change. If we want long-term sustainable development, we need to expand the product of a major change. He also allows us to cover swimsuit from overseas and return to the United States in the United States to eliminate our food problems while accelerating the time from the idea to the turn of the product.

Do you bind the fact that you are all from Miami?

Chuck: gave us some common ground.

Charlie: As Marcus grew up in Miami, ladies’ swimsuit was very popular here, believing it was a win.

Mary Allen: It’s a little world, we like to think it’s definitely helpful!

What did you take from Marcus?

Chuck: He is a personal person who believes in us and our story. He soon explored our strengths and weaknesses. We also learned that he hoped that we could stand out from the chart and expand our vision of what we crave. Working with him is one of the best experiences of my life. I can not thank him for all of our faith.

Charlie: I learned to focus on the process and keep my profits because our swimsuit quality is really great. He gave us great confidence in quality, adaptation and production, we really know what we are doing.

Mary Allen: I believe we learned that if we had to solve the problem, it started. We own people and products, but we need a better process that allows us to design from concept to storage.

What has changed your business since recording this episode?

Chuck: Our life and career have changed dramatically. We focus on all-weather work, perform our products and web for our performances. Our process has changed. I can not afford to bear a lot of burden. Mary Allen and Charlie carry most of the. When they need me, I am there to help me with the contact, knowledge and hard work to finish the job. I like to see Charlie and Mary Ellen. Swimwear manufacturer China has always been a huge challenge in the country, and we all have to work hard.

Charlie: Marcus moved me to New York City and gave us a nice gallery.

Mary Allen: We are no longer just a little mom and a popular shop; we have money and great names behind us.

What is the highlight of the episode?

Chuck: Complete a fully planned holiday destination in half a week as well as a complete trade booth! Some how do we do it!

Charlie: Mary Allen, she travels from her mother at home to spend a major holiday fashion brand. Her transition is inspiring.


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