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Ookioh is the new swimwear brand on your radar you need


The new swimwear brand ookioh has just put the first set of fashion swimsuits inspired by modern design, the post-1980s nostalgia and the resonance of California. All the body and water body, the brand’s work is designed to “reflect your wear on land”. Because 90% of the women do not do the swimming pool with high heels, we have created a swimwear that makes you feel like you, only waterproof.


The name from the Japanese word EDI refers to the pleasures of the Japanese Ukiyo-e, way of life, the word is “floating world. “With this fulfilling, ookioh has been concentrating on the beauty of women and the celebrations that live in the present time and the” evasion of life. ” At the choice of color and style, the work is the best combination of 80% recycled materials with biaxial tension. The material also has the properties of chlorine and sunscreen, as well as the protection of ultraviolet light. The design, with all the flat bodies, and all the complexion, all the parts retail less than $100, is perfect for the summer.

In the gallery of the above brand lookbook, look, head to the OOKIOH shop appearance.




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