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Pick Up Best Waist Trainers for Working Out On FeelinGirl

I don’t know about you, but I put a bit of everything in my gym bag and it is always full of stuff, it will be because the gym is not the only sport I practice, because I also go running and walking, but I always want to have with me every product that can be useful whatever sport I want to go to practice or whatever part of the body I want to improve! Therefore, today I open my bag and take you into my world of waist trainers, showing you, for whatever sport I go to practice, what kind of waist trainer I use, also showing you which are the body parts I want to improve and how I do it with my waist trainers, all purchased from FeelinGirl!

In general, as I wrote before, I don’t just go to the gym, on the contrary I am a lover of the park and I love to take walks and run, as well as every now and then I like to have a game of tennis with some of my friends, or a trekking session with my boyfriend when we go on the mountains. These are all sports that make me sweat and lose weight, but which, when faced with the right waist trainers, help me to have a perfect and fit body!

For Gym

For the gym I like to use a product that enhances every single centimeter of my body, especially the inner legs and arms, and I found the ideal solution in a latex waist trainer for women, that helps me to maintain the right posture and to lift towards on my butt.

For Tennis

Tennis is a sport that when I do practise makes me sweat a lot, I would say to exhaustion, given the huge amount of movement that needs to be done by moving from one side of the playing field to the other. So here I have chosen a waist trainer with a band, very small that helps me to file the hips in this case too!

For a Walk

Among the five sports that I practice, walking is the one that makes me sweat less, so I opted for the purchase of a waist trainer with double bands with neoprene fabric, which with its formula manages to make me lose weight by increasing sweating, precisely in the areas where it acts. A very powerful product for a very relaxing sport!

For Trekking

I love hiking because climbing and descending mountains helps me a lot to eliminate cellulite and make my butt firmer. Therefore, here comes another latex waist trainer that I can shape to my liking and that allows me to make my skin more toned, especially in the ass and thighs, which strive really hard on mountain climbs!

For Jogging

Lastly, for my weekly jogging I wear a waist and thigh trimmer that acts totally on my belly, helping me to maintain my hourglass shape by eliminating any form of fat present on my hips, that occurs especially during the Christmas holidays!


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